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HD The Best Brazilian

I'm From Brazil
I love WRP


Jeff Katz, if you're reading this, then please, please, PLEASE let me know when you're going to start airing this. Thanks!

Also, do you ever plan on having a women's division or a women's version of WRP in the future, should this first season be successful? Because if you do, that'd be KICK ASS--much more so than that crap called Wrestlicious that Steve Blance, "Johnny C," and Jimmy Hart gave us back in 2010.


the trailer is great, was at the tapings cant wait to see final product. Hell Yes WRP brings it! Its got that classic old school wrestling feel

Brandon Caldwell

This has all the making of a great wrestling show, can give TNA, and WWE a run for it's money.


When is going to be available for downloading? I heard you on PWTorch.com and I have been waiting for a while now. The concept sounds fantastic, and for this "true" wrestling fan, a breath of fresh air.

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any updates on when we can see this? Im pretty pumped and im ready to see it

Ed Clayton

@Basketball Shoes: Get the hell lost, troll! Go take your crap to a BASKETBALL forum where the people there will actually give a damn. This site is for WRESTLING FANS! Respect that and buzz off.


I was pretty excited when I saw that trailer the first time. Starting to doubt if we're ever going to get to see the actual show. Any word???


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